Pinehaven Memorial Gardens Cemetery

Recognized as one of our area's most beautiful cemeteries, Pinehaven Memorial Gardens is comforting to those with loved ones interred here. Among the beautifully  maintained lawns lie three distinct gardens to give a special dignity to this place of rest.Pinehaven Memorial Gardens is a Perpetual Care cemetery. The concept of Perpetual Care is to accumulate funds so that a cemetery can be properly maintained even after it no longer has any property to sell or burials to be made. **The final purchase price of a plot will also include a 15% Perpetual Care fee which is placed into a trust for this purpose. ***In addition, there is also a Deed Filing Fee of $11 per plot.Pricing is effective as of February 1, 2018 and is subject to change without notice.

 Garden of Hope

Our Garden of Hope allows flat monuments only and is more affordable than our Garden of Memories, which allows upright monuments.Plots in this Garden are $450 each. **   ***

Garden of Memories 

 Our Garden of Memories allows flat or upright monuments. Plots in this Garden are $600 each.**  ***

Garden of Honor 

 Our Garden of Honor is specifically designed to honor the service of our country's Veterans. All monuments are required to be upright white marble to replicate the look of a traditional military cemetery.Plots and monuments in this Garden are $450 each. The spouse of the Veteran will be required to purchase his or her plot for $450 and will also be required to purchase a matching upright marble military monument.  **  ***